The Battles

The Battles

To keep it interesting, we've compiled a variety of scenarios and milieu to choose from.  You can play any of the games described below or you and your enemy may choose to follow a plan of your own device.  We're here to help you have a great time!

CAPTURE THE FLAG - This scenario is a straightforward variation of the standard Capture The Flag game in which each squad's primary objective is to be the first to successfully plant the enemy's flag in their own camp.  Each squad begins in its respective camp with its flag prominently displayed and accessible from the ground.  When the game begins, the squads attempt to capture the enemy's flag and transport it back to their home base without being shot.  The first team to successfully do so wins.

  • VIP TRANSPORT - This strategy involves a squad having a "VIP" who must be protected at all cost.  The VIP has two choices 1) (S)he may use his/her weapon of choice but must wear a designated vest so that (s)he can be recognized easily or 2) dress as (s)he pleases but must carry only a semi-automatic side arm.  The VIP's escort must safely conduct the VIP through an enemy-infested area to a safehouse.
  • TEAM DEATH MATCH - This is a game of genocide.  The objective is to eliminate the enemy.  Each team (not each individual) has a designated number of  shared respawns. When a team's respawn pool is depleted, players cannot rejoin the game.  The game is over when there is no one left on opposing teams.
  • KILL CONFIRMED - A variation of Team Death Match in which each player is given a "dog tag" (typically a strip of tape).  When a player is Hit, (s)he must leave the dog tag visibly hung at the kill point. If the opposing team collects the dog tag, it counts as a "confirmed kill".  If a team mate collects the dog tag, it can be returned to the respawn point and serve as a respawn for the team.  As the name implies, the objective of this game to accumulate the most confirmed kills. 
  • FOOTBALL - This game is sort of the opposite of "Capture The Flag" in that each squad attempts to plant their own flag in the enemy's camp.  The first to do so successfully wins.hunter
  • ATTACK AND DEFEND - This game involves a team of defenders who attempt to maintain control of a designated area against a relentless onslaught of attackers (who have unlimited respawn).
  • NUCLEAR WARFARE - As the name suggests, this game revolves around first planting and then arming (or disarming if it was planted in your territory) a "nuclear" device.  
  • LEPRECHAUN - This game is similar to Capture the Flag, except that the flags are mobile and can kill you.  Each team must try to capture one of the designated "leprechauns" who must remain in a central area of the field.  The leprechauns cannot be killed, but they are armed with hand-to-hand combat weapons to defend themselves.  Once a player is able to successfully grasp the leprechaun (make and maintain physical contact) the leprechaun is "captured" and must do the bidding of the capturer.  If contact is broken or if the capturer is shot, the leprechaun is again free.

There are more scenarios to come and squads are free to make up their own games.  For more information and general rules, see Rules of the Game.  The objective of Mission: Airsoft is to ensure that you have a great time!

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